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Agricultural Robotics

Agricultural Robotics Investors

Are you looking for Agricultural Robotics Investors?

Ship Shape’s Venture Capital Search Engine allows you to find the right individual at the right firm.

By using Ship Shape, you can find VC investors who have published content about agricultural robotics. Published content can originate from long-form articles published on sites such as Medium or Linkedin to short-from expressions such as Tweets.

Typical industry verticals result in new ideas being under the same umbrella as lots of other different ideas. This can result in start-ups approaching VCs who don’t have the knowledge or willingness to invest in agricultural robotics.

Agricultural robotics is an area of interest for Venture Capitalists (VCs) because of the number of start-ups that are pioneering new technologies, applications of technology and business models in this promising sector.


Published content by VCs provides market signals of their current investment thesis therefore better informing entrepreneurs and start-up leaders who best to approach. In this case, VCs below have published content on or around agricultural robotics.

Knowing the right VC interested in agricultural robotics saves founders valuable time. A process that can take months is reduced to seconds. This allows more time to understand relevant VCs interested in agricultural robotics, thereby increasing the chance of success.

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If any of my connections are interested in carbon sequestration, bio-fertilizers or farming robotics then I urge you to listen to my colleague Robert Appleby's live interview for Future Food Finance next Wednesday.

Location: London

Alastair Cooper is a Head of Venture Capital Investments at ADM Capital and with responsibility for Early Stage Investments. He also holds the same position at Cibus Fund. 

Coronavirus update #1 In recent days we have been talking to most of our clients to make sure everyone is healthy and have everything they need to go through this challenging period. To my surprise, a topic that comes up again and again from users of the Viridix (i-dripper) system is that today, growers perceive the system (and other cutting-edge technologies) as helping them through these times. Precisely when there is a shortage of manpower and with the start of the irrigation season, the ability to receive information and remote control of the irrigation system gives the grower an advantage and allows to continue to treat crops properly. Companies developing agricultural technologies that allow farmers to work better even during the Corona crisis - Share your technology with us and we will share it with our customers #Togetherwestand #irrigation #growers #farmers #agtech #coronavirus Gili Elkin Mor Yegerman Arik Shitrit Ben Dekel Michal Avramov-Shalom Yulia Pintchuck Yonatan Gelman

Name: Avi Eyal
Firm: Entree Capital
Location: London

Avi Eyal is an entrepreneur, investor, advisor and mentor.

The Evolution of Farming! Join FarmWise co-founder and CEO, Sébastien Boyer and I for a conversation on robotic agriculture, my pet pig, & the future of farming. Watch here: Castor Ventures | Alumni Ventures Group

Name: Cainon Coates
Firm: AVG Women's Fund
Location: New York

Cainon has 10+ years’ experience in finance, venture capital, and entrepreneurship, having worked at Boston Consulting Group and PBM Capital Group as well as serving on the founding team of five startups. 

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