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Branding Guidelines

If you have not been given explicit permission, please contact Ship Shape to use the Ship Shape logo and name.


Below are general guidelines.
To see full guidelines, download the pack below.

  • Use the logos provided on this page

  • Use the main variant of the logo at all times where possible

  • The use of alternate logos can be used where the main logo may clash with background/surrounding colours (see here)

  • Use the full logo at all times where possible unless restrictive space dictates

  • Use/match the colours codes provided here

Downloadable logos

Main Logo

Secondary Colours


Previous Press Coverage

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Wales Technology Awards Shortlist 2022:
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SMART Cymru Grants 2021 and 2022
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Collaborative event


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Praxis Auril
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Fintech Connect Sponsor
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Tech Transfer with Anchored In
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