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Ship Shape and Cardiff University DSA Data Science Talk

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

On the 17th March 2021, our COO Alistair Baillie and our Senior Data Scientist Gareth Williams had the pleasure of meeting and talking with students and educators from the Data Science Academy (DSA) at Cardiff University. We would like to thank Cardiff University for their time and the opportunity they gave us to talk with their prospecting students in the field of data science and data technology. Secondly, special thanks to Dr Padraig Corcoran, Dr Andreas Artemiou and Justin James for organising the event and being such wonderful hosts.

Cardiff University (source:

The students at Cardiff University were a pleasure to talk with. Unlike most seminar sessions, our talk became more of a discussion driven by the high level of engagement from the students and the equally thought-out questions which even caught us off guard! We are grateful that our online seminar didn’t suffer the usual drop-off in online events, quite the compliment. Or at least shows that Venture Capital and Start-Ups are always a draw! The seminar had a core focus on Venture Capital, however, intrigue and curiosity from the students drove the conversation beyond this. We discussed:

  • Skill sets students should be trying to build that is most beneficial in a data-driven environment

  • How to be build and be part of a team

  • how as team-mates utilise other team member’s strengths and weaknesses to your advantage.

  • That forming a start-up partnership is only a little less critical than forming a marriage!

As part of our commitment to work with Cardiff University and the greater South Wales, we are offering placements over the 2021 summer period which consists of 3 unique tailored projects. These projects are designed to showcase how data science can be applied in real-world situations with hands-on experience. The project requires students to be committed, intuitive and exhibit a willingness to learn. The projects are challenging, but realistic of a corporate environment with the hopes of replicating future job scenarios that the students will be encountering. A few words from our COO, Alistair Baillie : “Ongoing interactions between students and the workplace are vital for the success of those students, for Cardiff’s Data Science community, and for all of us. I’m delighted to have been one small part of that sharing.” Again, thank you to Cardiff University and DSA for the opportunity they provided. It was a pleasure to meet all the students and we look forward to seeing you during the summer projects and bets of luck to those graduating. We hope this seminar provided value that you can take forward and apply to your future in data science.

About Ship Shape Ship Shape Search provides actionable investor intelligence for start-ups, showing them the best individuals to engage with at Venture Capital firms. This saves start-ups many weeks of research and thousands of pounds.

We would like to extend our thanks to Cardiff University and especially the DSA for presenting this opportunity. Cardiff University logo (source: Cardiff Data Science Academy

Contact Persons Alistair Baillie, COO

Gareth Williams, Senior Data Scientist Email:

Bradley Evans, Marketing & PR Email: Ship Shape Search: Ship Shape Search Twitter Ship Shape Search LinkedIn


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