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📍 Why does a startup's location matter?

What are some of the important considerations when thinking about the location for your business?

Some thoughts to consider:

💫 What's in that location?


Access to capital?

Good infrastructure?

A microcosm of customers?

👥 There's also a conundrum on the size of the ecosystem:

🌍 For me this breaks down to Access to resources vs. Navigability

🗺 The smaller (I mean younger) you are, the more navigability matters - get to (possibly) what you need sooner (n.b. if you already have a network in a big ecosystem, it's more navigable than if you're just starting out).

📚 💸 The larger (older) you are, the more likely you need to access the resources of larger locations (doesn't mean moving, but you may want to set up 'nodes')

Keen to hear your thoughts on other factors to bear in mind for location!


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