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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Ship Shape?
    Ship Shape is a Search Engine that lets you search content produced by individual investors at VC firms, portfolio companies and investment entities.
  • Who is Ship Shape for?
    Ship Shape has been built to help entrepreneurs and those who help them on their journeys (VC firms, PE firms, Family Offices, Accelerators, Incubators, Universities, Corporate Financiers, Investment Banks, Government Trade Agencies and Regional/Enterprise Development Agencies.
  • How is Ship Shape's Search Engine different from investor databases?
    Databases are great - they can store and retrieve huge amounts of structured data, but you frequently need to build large and complex filters, which takes time and effort. Structured data also relies extensively on human analysts to maintain and classify. Search engines look through unstructured text and can then order results by relevance (based on a number of factors). This makes search engines great for rapidly changing and evolving industries and Venture Capital and the brilliant ideas that entrepreneurs are accelerating.
  • Why should I use Ship Shape?
    Individuals and investment entities publish content that is targetted at specific audiences. By indexing their content, we enable our clients to find VC investors that demonstrate evidence of 'Investor Fit' in a few seconds.
  • How long does running a search in Ship Shape take?
    Running a search in Ship Shape takes seconds, saving you the time of reading through millions of publications and finding the VC investors that published said content.
  • How can I use Ship Shape's Search Engine?
    Simply head to and begin searching. It's free for all users, including any that participate in auctions.
  • What types of investors can I find via your search engine?
    We index content that that has been published by individual investors that work at VC firms and the content that is published by VC firms themselves. We do not currently proactively index Angels and Family Offices. However, Angels and Family Offices can be found amongst our search results if they choose to have their content indexed.
  • Why does Ship Shape's Search Engine increase my chances of getting funded?
    When you use Ship Shape, you find the right investor within seconds that matches that search term. We also provide you with the evidence that has been matched and their social/contact details. This helps you understand the VC better and increases your confidence when speaking to them. Ship Shape not only reduces research time, but the time it takes to build a relationship and close.
  • I'm an investor, how do I make sure I get recognised by start-ups?"
    The best way to get recognised by start-ups is to publish content that helps attract the most relevant dealflow for you (i.e. publishing content on Decentralised Finance (DeFi) makes it easier for DeFi start-ups to find you). The more relevant content you publish, the higher you rank. If you want to make sure we index your content, please fill out this form.
Ship Shape helps you find the right VC investor in seconds, not months
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