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Front-end Developer 

(Angular, Typescript)

Postion filled!

The role:
Our Developer role will be at the forefront of creating the best user experience for our Search & Recommendation system.


Ship Shape already has an MVP in Production and in use with customers, with positive feedback. We want to take it to the next level.

You will work with your direct team: Senior Full-Stack Developer, UX/UI, and DevOps. And you will interact with API services provided by our in-house Data Science team.


  • Work 4.5 days per week, paid for 5 days

  • Hack day each fortnight

  • If you stay with us for more than 3 months, Options in the company will be made available.


  • In a startup environment with limited documentation, efficiently produce quality functions and outcomes

  • With the team create something as accessible as Google, but with underlying journeys and the data screens as complex as Bloomberg or Reuters Eikon.

  • Figma prototype already created - clear UI target

What we’re looking for
Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related information technology field


Skills & experience needed:
Required, 3 years in:

  • Angular + Angular Material + Angular Flex Layout

  • Typescript + SCSS

  • MongoDB

  • Jasmine + Karma

  • Build to AWS (Fargate)

  • Bitbucket + Bitbucket Pipelines

  • Docker

Optional, 1 year in:

  • NestJS

Email if you fancy joining Ship Shape!

Please include your Name, CV, Cover Letter and Contact Details with the subject “[your name] Front-end Dev”

We look forward to meeting you!

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