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Here are some quick guidelines to make sure we pick up the right information for our users to search 

  • Use a separate overview page for the portfolio called and a separate page for the team called

  • Use a separate profile page to provide more information about a portfolio company or team member. Include the link to this page on the overview page. If there are certain types of information that are not available for everyone, the profile page is the best place to provide this information.

  • Use specific names for URLs that indicate what kind of information will be found on the page, like for the page that contains information about team member John Doe.

  • Use the exact same HTML template to give information about a team member / portfolio company (ideally with all information specified for everyone) on the overview page and make sure at least the name is included for each of them.

  • Use a nested HTML structure on the overview page. Ideally there is one HTML tag that contains the list of team members / portfolio companies and nothing aside from that, and different tags or CSS classes to denote the type of information, eg. h3 for the name, p for the job title, etc. This is not as important for links (like the website of the portfolio company, social media), because they are usually unique by domain anyway.

  • Use good naming conventions, even in places that aren’t visible to the end user. For John Doe’s headshot, use a name like ../headshot_john_doe.jpg instead of ../img_3241.jpg.


  • Combine portfolio and team members on the same page (like the home page).

  • Use modals (or anything dynamically loaded) to provide more information about portfolio companies or team members.

  • Use generic names for URLs like (is it a team member or portfolio company called John Doe?) or

  • Provide different types of information about team members or portfolio companies on the overview page (eg. job titles for some of the team members, this increases the risk of assigning the wrong information to the wrong person). 

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Why should you index your VC firm on our search engine?

How does it work?

  1. Submit your website URL + name of your firm to get indexed

  2. We'll crawl your website

  3. We'll pick up website content

  4. And where the investment team publishes (e.g. social

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Adam-Baron, Associate Director M&A Growth Advisory, BDO

Ship Shape are building a unique AI-powered search engine that answers a genuine need that no one else is solving

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Associate Director M&A Growth Advisory, BDO

Adam Baron

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