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Will built an alcoholic drinks business and was a rare-breed pig farmer in Essex before joining Octopus Ventures in 2013. He currently sits within the Future of Health team looking closely into areas such as patient-driven medicine, clinical decision tools, digital health and disease prevention. 

Location: London

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One prominent theme that has come out of my fertility research this week is the risk of exploitation but also the strength of the UK's regulator (HFAE) and the data it publishes. The HFAE has to publish traffic lights showing which add-ons for IVF treatments actually have any clinical science is telling. "Artificial egg activation calcium ionophore" sounds plausible but the HFAE clearly explain that there is conflicting scientific research on its impact, and therefore it get an amber in the traffic lights. In a similar way, the banning of an IV drip with a nutrient compound to enhance fertility levels (sold for £250 each) also speaks to the same risk of clinics and companies capitalising on the many individuals overwhelming desire to start a family.


Maybe the incentives for hype and mis-selling are also increased by the relatively sedate pace of innovation and development of new approaches, such that innovation is a marketing challenge rather than scientific for many in this field. Whilst it is easy to be put off by these examples, it also speaks to the needs of an increasingly digital and critical base of customers to be hand-held through this process, to receive genuine innovation rather than hype and to be looked after rather than up-sold.#healthhighlights

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Beatrice joined Talis Capital in 2018 after spending three years working at Jefferies in their Investment Banking division, where she has been involved in several transactions primarily in the Technology, Media and Telecoms space with a combined value of c.$4 billion.

Location: United Kingdom

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Others: Menopause & Communities
By no means could companies in this segment be summarised as “others”, however, I’ve kept them separate because they encompass many of the previous stages. The menopause space is enormous; it is unaddressed and deeply under-served, with 24% of women saying that they complained to their GP for a year or more before being prescribed appropriate medication or help. Also, 16% of those who sought help for menopause symptoms say their GP wrongly prescribed anti-depressants. The breadth of horror stories relating to menopause treatment is shocking. Communities also support women at each step of the journey and play a huge part in making them feel less lonely in a society built for men’s health.
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As ever with sector mapping, I’ve only really scratched the surface of the women’s healthcare industry, which is seeing innovation across the board at a faster pace than ever before.

There’s a number of sub-sectors within femtech that I find particularly interesting. The case for corporate benefits is compelling as employers begin to acknowledge that they have a role to play in supporting their female workforce (and broadly, all staff) in alleviating medical issues they may face during their time of employment. Implementing these services to protect women in the workplace is the basis for gender equality, so it’ll be interesting to see how this sub-sector pans out. To my mind, there’s also a huge opportunity for AI-driven diagnostic tools, which have the capability of vastly improving how patients make decisions about conditions and the best approach for treatment (rather than relying on Google as your primary source of information!).

With so many new entrants to the market and already billions of dollars of investment in the sector, I’d be most interested to see founders in this space coming through our doors that are really ready to break the status quo by building an entirely new and data-driven healthcare system that is centred around the female experience. Current healthcare systems just don’t cut the mustard for female-specific health issues: we’re looking to fund the female healthcare revolution. Period.

The healthcare industry is extremely risk averse — innovation should significantly improve standard practices at minimal risk. There is no space for inaccuracy;
Large tech corporations are strengthening their efforts in healthcare technology, so it is key for new start-ups not to overlap with their current strategies;

Those traditionally tasked with product development (i.e. engineers and technical experts) are generally not the same people who are living with or treating a healthcare challenge: there needs to be healthcare experts in the founding team;

On the other hand, there needs to be strong business capabilities in the management team, which might be very technically knowledgeable, but unable to drive the business to sustainable scale.
In summary, traditional healthcare cannot sustain current spending patterns and volumes. There is a critical need to create more efficiencies and focus on prevention rather than disease treatment. Despite the macro pressures and industry specific challenges, there is a huge and untapped opportunity in the health-tech sector leaving a blank canvas to savvy and passionate entrepreneurs who can genuinely add value and take the sector

to the next level.

Name: Greg Blin

Greg has been with us for six years, having joined Mobeus in 2013. He sources and executes investments into fast-growing businesses, as well as being the Growth team’s resident consumer expert. He combines a natural flair for understanding the drivers of brand value, insight into wider market dynamics and strong corporate finance experience. He sits on the boards of Buster + Punch and Rotageek.

Location: London

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Mobeus has realised its investment in Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic UK, the world’s first IVF clinic, in a sale to Triangle Healthcare Partners. Triangle, a Toronto-based investor, has plans to grow Bourn Hall into a global IVF brand.

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