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  • Enterprise | Ship Shape

    Account Options Find a plan that suits you Standard Free Unlimited Searches : Relevant investors Similar VC-backed companies Investment Entities Sign-Up Premium £250 pcm Unlimited Searches: Relevant investors Similar VC-backed companies Investment Entities Build result shortlists​ Monthly subscription (cancel any time) Anonymised monthly search data trends Sign-Up Our lives are made easier by having Ship Shape. We find more, relevant investors faster, enabling us to deliver greater value to more clients simultaneously. Their search engine enables us to grow our business through helping us better serve our clients Advisor, NKB Advisory Liz Intsiful, Empowering Founders and those who help them: Find investors in seconds See related companies Overlay your CRM to help warm intros

  • The Search Engine for VC | Ship Shape

    Venture Capital Search Engine Find Smart Money VCs in seconds Start Searching Now Speak to the right investors Identify VC investors based on the content they publish relevant to your business niche Save time & increase efficiency Finding relevant VC investors can take months. Cut that process down to seconds with our Venture Capital Search Engine Leverage your network Identify warm introductions using our network overlay functionality Ship Shape are building a unique AI-powered search engine that answers a genuine need that no one else is solving Associate Director M&A Growth Advisory, BDO Adam Baron Start using Ship Shape VCs, increase your deal flow Get found by start-ups through your published content. From Tweets to Medium articles - your words matter Learn more Latest Insights Oct 24, 2022 2 min Celebrations at Ship Shape Aug 1, 2022 3 min Innovation in Swansea: Building a brighter future Jul 5, 2022 2 min Winner of Fintech Startup of the Year 2022! Ship Shape helps you find the right VC investor in seconds, not months Start Searching

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  • How To Build Relationships With Investors: A Matter of Research

    Some of the most important relationships to build are with prospective investors. TLDR: One relationship can make the difference to you and your business. Warm introductions are best. Being well-researched is essential to finding, establishing and maintaining valuable relationships. So how do you do this most effectively? Listen to the full Q&A below or read and listen to a specific question. You can listen to the full Q&A below: You can also view this article on Ship Shapes Medium page here Contents of Questions asked Why is building a relationship with individual investors at VCs important? How to build a relationship with an investor? Why does a warm introduction increase my chances of connecting with an Investor? What do you need to do when you’re offered a warm introduction? Why is networking important in the Venture Capital industry? Why would a VC investor be more likely to engage with me if I am well-researched? How can I maintain a relationship with an investor once I’ve formed one? Does a good relationship give me a competitive edge over other founders or startups? 1. Why is building a relationship with individual investors at VCs important? You can’t interact with a ‘firm’. It’s individuals that make the difference. Getting funding from a VC is a sale you are making. It takes one person to make the decision to champion you. Not every one who champions you can see you over the finish line (no matter how hard you may both try). But by building a relationship with an investor, you’re ultimately creating a champion for your business within a VC firm. 2. How can I build a relationship with a VC investor? There are a number of ways of doing this. But how do you maximise your odds? Building a relationship with a prospective investor is going to be derived off the back of the research and time you put into understanding what drives that individual prior to engaging with them or finding a route to an introduction to them. Some people are well connected and can utilise their own network, this gives a higher probability of a warm introduction, but doesn’t guarantee it’s a good route. Research de-risks the approach for both the founder and investor (and introducer). If we think about it from the perspective of the entrepreneur, you want to be able to show why it is that that individual will take an interest in your business and come to a positive outcome on that decision. 3. Why does a warm introduction increase my chances of connecting with a VC Investor? So connecting with individuals via warm introductions is a kind of social proof. If one of your best friends gives you an introduction, you are more likely to engage positively with the person who’s being introduced to you. Because, there’s a certain level of social credit that ultimately, we as individuals have. We essentially assign certain values to the individuals within our network, and how reliable they are. All of these factors influence how we receive introductions and therefore, if you can get a warm introduction to a VC, you are again, changing the odds in your favour because you go in there with the social proof or social credit of the person who’s making that introduction. 4. What do you need to do when you’re offered a warm introduction? There is a general convention around this, it may vary from individual to individual, but it’s worth repeating. But in essence, think about the best way to be introduced. You probably want to distil into a few sentences: What it is you do (often referred to as a ‘two-liner’) What you’d like from the conversation (the ‘ask’) Ultimately, that’s really what should guide the way that you formulate that introductory piece. You can also include visual materials that help you convey the power of your business. Including a positive reference as well is always helpful, if that’s possible for the person who’s doing the introduction. 5. Why is networking important in the Venture Capital industry? Networking can help generate social capital. Business today is still mostly conducted via human relationships. Even with the digital tools at our disposal, networking and targeted approaches are going to remain important. That remains the case in VC and in Investor networks, in many ways more so! 6. Why would a VC investor be more likely to engage with me if I was well-researched? Having done your research means that the person on the other side of that conversation will see that you're credible. Having that level of credibility means that the individual is much more likely to engage with you because they can see you know what you're talking about. I think this actually goes for both sides of a conversation with VC. So not just a VC can see that you've done your research but also if you're an entrepreneur, you want to see that the VC sat across from you is going to be bringing you more than just capital; are they genuinely a Smart Money VC? If not, they're either perhaps better suited to filling out a round than they are to take a board seat. 7. How can I maintain a relationship with an investor once I’ve formed one? All relationships require maintenance with a case of engaging usually on common ground. Finding proof points or news to share helps to build further common understanding. It also helps prove/disprove aligned interests, saving you both time and energy! There are lots of individual relationships that fall by the wayside, despite the best efforts of both parties, because ultimately interests might no longer align. 8. Does a good relationship give me a competitive edge over other founders or startups? It may be unclear how many founders are fishing in this in the same pool for funding. So it is extremely unlikely that a direct competitor at the same point in time is looking to raise the same level of funding from the same VC. But other startups are still competing for the same finite resource. So, yes, building a better relationship with your individual champion at a VC does help. It affects whether or not your proposal for investment will be taken further. Crucially it affects the steps that your champion is willing to take in terms of pushing forward your proposition internally.

  • Celebrations at Ship Shape

    October 2022 has been a month to celebrate at Ship Shape. We launched our free search engine at the start of September. Since then we’ve had over two thousand users and nearly 900 different search phrases - mainly by founders who are finding investors interested in their business area! The team also won two notable awards in October: Fintech Awards Wales - Fintech Start-up of the Year 2022. Technology Connected - Wales Technology Awards, Sir Michael Moritz Tech Start-Up Award. A few words from our CEO and Co-founder, Daniel Sawko “We’re delighted to be recognised for the search engine we have built. We’re excited to be empowering founders and the ecosystem to better search and find relevant investors.” Both awards represent the hard work that Ship Shape’s team has put in over the years, especially the previous months building up to our free release. For the company, it’s great to see the growth in other tech businesses and the entire Welsh ecosystem. Fintech Awards Wales - Fintech Start-up of the Year 2022. would like to thank Fintech Award Wales, and award sponsor, for the tough judging panel process and awarding Ship Shape the Fintech Start-up of the Year 2022. In addition, the team at would like to recognise, Identitech and Quote on Site as fellow shortlisters for the award and thank them for th You can read more about the awards and other category winners here: Technology Connected - Wales Technology Awards, Sir Michael Moritz Tech Start-Up Award. would like to thank Technolgy Connected for the Wales Technology Awards, and category partner Mobilise, for awarding Ship Shape Sir Michael Moritzech Start-Up Award 2022. The award’s name is derived from a Welsh VC Partner at Seqouia Partners, Sir Michael Moritz. It was great to share the category with; Dewin Tech, edge21 studio, Haia Communications and Identitech. You can read more about the awards and other category winners here: Both awards are a recognition of the progress made to date, but also provide the team with fuel and impetus to keep up the mission of enabling the private markets ecosystem to search and sell. Watch a short video by our CEO Daniel Sawko about the recent launch and awards: Click here to watch Editors Note: Ship Shape was founded by Daniel Sawko and Alistair Baillie and is currently based in Cardiff, Wales. To discover Ship Shape please visit our website: Alistair Baillie: Daniel Sawko: For more information about this press release please contact: Fintech Award Wales Website: Technology Connected: Wales Technology Awards:

  • Innovation in Swansea: Building a brighter future

    Photo credits: Adam Davies. Innovation in Swansea: Building a brighter future Building brighter futures is high on the agenda at University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD), where a speaker-led event co-hosted with Ship Shape has celebrated the innovation happening in Swansea - by sharing entrepreneurial skills and expertise from keynote speakers from business start-ups and academia. The event, organised by Ship Shape and the University’s Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Kathryn Penaluna, was developed in collaboration with Fintech Wales, with the aim of bringing together technology businesses and the ecosystem that fuels innovation. A collaborative partnership between the UWTSD and Ship Shape, to help Universities and industry to identify potential Venture Capital investors, was announced during Global Entrepreneurship Week in 2021, and the event is the first in a series of initiatives that aim to support the region. Daniel Sawko of Ship Shape said, "Swansea has innovation in its DNA. Bringing key players like this together means more opportunities to find ways of making the pie bigger and continuing to punch above our weight. We are excited about more events like this and there seems to be a high demand for it!" Photo credits: Adam Davies. Based in the city’s HQ Urban Kitchen, and opened by Barry Liles, OBE, UWTSD’s Pro Vice-Chancellor of Skills and Lifelong Learning, the focus was showcasing the success of technology businesses with roots in Swansea, and to help to guide future innovation in the city. Expertise was shared by Matt Warren, CEO of Veeqo, Paul Dennis of Awen Collective, Sarah Williams-Gardener, CEO of Fintech Wales, TJ Amas, CEO of Quoteonsite and Daniel Sawko, CEO and Co-founder of Ship Shape. Insights were also offered by Steve Phillips of Community Bank, Monmouthshire Building Society, Richard Scott founder of ConTech business, Richard Harris - Head of Trade, Welsh Government, and Anthony Miles, CEO of DST Innovations. Kathryn Penaluna shared, “To further develop our ability to be a dynamic force within the Welsh (and beyond) eco-system, UWTSD has invested in Ship Shape, whose search tool finds funders for business founders. It is a clear need, and the expertise will extend our offer significantly to our students and graduates, it is a win-win partnership”. Guests included Swansea Lord Mayor, Councillor Mike Day, Professor Andrew Campbell, Chair of Welsh Government’s Economic Advisor Board, Simon Ripton, Innovation Specialist, Welsh Government, and Swansea Council Deputy Leader David Hopkins. The University also shared its plans for The Innovation Matrix - a new platform for UWTSD’s research and knowledge exchange to connect with, and support, cross-sector MNEs, SMEs, micro-enterprises, entrepreneurs, and investors. The Innovation Matrix’s aim is to stimulate commercial growth for Wales’s expanding digitally empowered economy. Photo credits: Adam Davies. UWTSD had an international reputation when it comes to developing the entrepreneurial and creative skills of its students and graduates, as such skills are deeply embedded in our programmes. Last month, the University was named European Entrepreneurial University of the Year at the 2022 European Triple E Awards Ceremony in Florence, Italy. Government figures confirm the success this brings, as The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) ranked UWTSD in 2020-2021 as: #1 in UK for start-ups that are still active after 3-years. #1 in the UK for total number of active firms. As Universities are key to a thriving economy post Covid, UWTSD encourages the development of new inventions and knowledge, to add commercial, social, and cultural value to society. You can read UWTSD Press Release here: This event was organised with Ship Shape, UWSTD and Fintech Wales and hosted at HQ Urban Kitchen. Ship Shape University of Wales Trinity Saint David Fintech Wales HQ Urban Kitchen

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