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Building relationships in Cardiff

How have we benefitted from choosing Tramshed Tech in Cardiff?

Ranging from community or networking events to helping other startups search for funding, the relationship between and Tramshed Tech has been reciprocal for both.

Company Intro was started in the middle of the pandemic in Swansea.

It’s a free to use investor search engine - enabling founders to search investors by topics.

We ended up putting our head office in Tramshed Tech, Cardiff after an Accelerator Programme based there.

Daniel Sawko using on a laptop

Tramshed Tech sits at the heart of the tech start-up community in Wales. We access collaborative working spaces, recording studios, a meeting/event space that has brilliant convening power (the First Minister, Ambassadors, VCs, Stock Exchanges, Private Equity firms etc. all visit!) as well as a range of business support programmes.

So if you’re a startup, you can quickly build a great network that helps you navigate.

And that’s mainly because Tramshed Tech have established a unique community that allows founders to connect with valuable individuals such as investors and advisors who can make a difference.

Problem and Goal

It’s hard for startups to find relevant investors. We make part of that easier by giving a free, powerful search engine to founders.

Instead of trawling through investor lists, we enable founders to have targeted outreach. This enables founders to build relationships with the investors that can actually help them on their journey.


As a start-up, support is key to growing and more importantly learning.

Being part of the Tramshed Tech ecosystem enables us to obtain user feedback.

This in turn helps us improve our search engine and find other common problems founders experience.

As a start-up that needs feedback to provide direction, being in and amongst our user base means we benefit directly.

And it means we also get exposed to some of the tech breakthroughs that startups at Tramshed tech are making.

Tramshed Tech have been brilliant at facilitating win-win introductions and relationships within their broad reach as ecosystem enablers with significant convening power.

Results and Benefits

We’ve made brilliant connections with the likes of Barclays Eagle Labs, the Cardiff Capital Region, the Welsh Government - including Minister for Economy Vaughan Gething, meeting Mubadala (UAE Sovereign Wealth Fund), Deloitte, University of South Wales, Angel Investors (a number of whom have since invested), meeting with the Badem-Wurttemberg Trade Mission, being involved with the Tech Export Cluster, and dozens more start-ups and ecosystem members.

Tramshed Tech has continued its mission to support start-ups of which below are some of the ways that Tramshed Tech has directly helped

A meeting being held in a meeting space in Tramshed Tech

  • Access to shared working space and collaborative working environment.

  • Access to technical tools and podcasting studio that make our operations more efficient

  • Exposure of to the greater Welsh ecosystem, Welsh Government and international partners.

  • Ability to work with large established companies that in themselves have created opportunities that otherwise would not be possible

  • Support from key individuals internal and external to Tramshed Tech that has provided insight and learning from previous experience

  • Mature advice from those who have ‘been there and done that’ on the direction and future of

Future vision and aims continues to improve, with newly implemented features such as viewing portfolio and investment entities, including the addition of U.S investor data.

In July 2023, will be three years old and to celebrate this anniversary and recognition; we’ll have expanded the coverage to include new geographies, so that founders have more relevant investors to reach out to in a targeted way.


In summary, the relationship between and Tramshed Tech has been beneficial for both parties.

It’s fair to say that start-ups benefit substantially in a number of areas by being involved with Tramshed Tech - it is a brilliant location for the tech industry across South Wales. We’ve benefitted from being part of this valuable community, and bringing others to it too!

Being involved and becoming part of the Welsh start-up ecosystem has given us a great network and ability to navigate to where we need to be, quickly.

It’s great to see Tramshed Tech expand across South Wales and to other locations.

Conversation between Daniel Sawko and Cai Gwinnutt

It’s been great working with Cai, Sophie, Sara, Gwenno, Eulalee, Mark and Louise and plenty of other members of the Tramshed Tech Team, who have really been friends to us from the very early days - we’re looking forward to where the future takes us!


Notes to editor

Ship Shape was founded by Daniel Sawko and Alistair Baillie and is currently based in Cardiff, Wales.

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This release was published by Bradley Evans

Tramshed Tech was founded in 2016 and currently operates in Newport, Barry with the main co-working and headquarters based in Grangetowm, Cardiff.

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Tramshed Tech supports local start-ups through co-working space, creative studios, meeting rooms and community events. Become a member today:


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