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Should Founders go to Conferences?

Some thoughts on whether you should go to conferences (and what conditions ought to be met to make it worthwhile)


TLDR: Yes, but invest in making the time there valuable.

Treat a Conference as a sports final

Checklist for making the most of the time:

- Invest time in advance (at least 1 day of prep per day of conference)

- Find out who is going that meets your user/customer profile

- Reach out a week/couple of weeks before to break the ice - make the in-person meeting the second or third interaction!

How do I know the conference is right for me?

- Large number of your users
- Users tended to have stands, not just go as delegates
- Right duration of time to network with 80-90% of those attending (don't plan for 100%, some people you plan to meet will not be there!)
- If it's not a slam dunk 'yes, I need to be there' - it's *probably* not worth it

Other points:
- Know your customer profile
- Know which conversations are essential vs. nice to haves.
- Get the essential ones out of the way first

(for the rugby folk) Take the 3 points, every time - if there's a guaranteed win, even if potentially smaller, in front of you, take it.

Don't speculate in 'match time' - the event will be over before you know it.

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