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Do we eat our own dogfood?

🐶 Do you eat your own dog food?

🔍Being a search engine for investors means this question comes up a lot!

💻 Both from startup users and investors.

🫡My answer is a resounding yes!

🏦 Back when we focused on subscriptions, we found our first VC customer (Balderton) via our search engine by seeing which VCs were at the forefront of the use of Data Science in VC.

💲We also have found VCs who also write small angel tickets via the search engine too, we're hoping to convert the first one this week (he's a personal hero of mine!).

🤝Using your own product isn't just a great way to build trust with others...

It's also a great way to find out the most important parts to improve next.

Daniel Sawko 0:00

Do we eat our own dog food? That is a question we always get asked both by users and also investors. So have we used our search engine to help our business? The answer that is Yes, both with regards to identifying back when we did subscriptions, we actually identified our first VC customer by using our own search engine. And we also are speaking with an investor this week that we hopefully will convert as an angel investor into investing into the business. And again, we found out that they were interested in what we're doing by using our search engine to see which which investors are interested in, essentially, search engines and using data science to improve outcomes in venture capital. So the answer that question is yes, we know it's a really good system received actually loads of time. In fact, one of the things that we haven't done it in any other time in our business, we have not used things like CrunchBase, we've not used investor list, we've always used our own product. And that's been really helpful. There are some areas in which we want to be expanding. So at the moment, the search engine doesn't really do much in the way of angels. And we definitely will expand that coverage, but we're not going to do so for the next few months. But yeah, that's an area in which at the moment have relied on personal networks. But that's something that we want to make more intelligent in future for more founders, so that the future can happen faster. Just

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