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The Squirrel AI Overlords are Coming

If you, like me, are responsible for investing the [time, money, resources] of your company on behalf of your shareholders, then you should be pissed-off with the amount of bullshit spoken about AI.

I was motivated at all to start the GrumpyCIO blog because of bullshit being spoken by people who knew even less than I did about AI. Particularly the BS about ChatGPT (phenomenal as it is) pushed me over the edge.

For a bit of fun, and to see why AI squirrels could indeed take over the world, I made a mock video showing how transhumans would bond with AI, and that our cerebellum’s capability is so awesome that rather than replacing AI would simply bond with us. I added an MIT video which is the kind of thing bullshit artists use to make their arguments seem plausible.

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Hi, I'm Alistair, the grumpy CIO. What am I grumpy about this week? I'm grumpy about predictions made about AI with such certainty as if they're going to be true. Absolute cobblers, you don't know what's going to happen. Nobody knows exactly what's going to happen. I'm going to make a prediction for you. The squirrel AI overlords are coming to take over the world. Kavi, they are coming. Nonsense, probably. But it's not the first time the ideas come about that actually interaction between human or other animal intelligences. And why would a squirrel be asked to take over the world? Well, let's have a look at what physical species can do. It's amazing. We have this thing called a cerebellum that actually controls movement. There, it's awesome. You can stand up because you have one, you can walk because you have one, you can pee because you have one. And you can drink there because you have one, you're controlling the amazing amount of calculations or predictive movements for know that if you lift up the beer jug at exactly this angle, but in your mouth, you are going to get beer. Now I've talked a little bit about the calculations versus the way that your brain is actually working or probably working. And I suggest going to pick up some popcorn and go into the wonderful MIT lectures that my colleague Gareth introduced me to this is from MIT OpenCourseWare. This is from a wonderful man called Robert Winston rip died in 2019. This is the video link, it'll be on my subject later. But this talks about how actually machine learning might work and how a baby learns to throw and how the cerebellum is 10 times more powerful than the entirety of the rest of your brain put together if measured by the number of neural connections, there are 10 times the number of neural connections and the better controls motor than there is to control the rest of your brain. So why wouldn't AI if it comes to take over the world make use of this we won't be stuck in little back little batteries and the matrix will be controlling machines. And this isn't the first idea to have this has been written in sci fi books for a long period of time. No, you say nobody has ever had these ideas before transhuman is a new idea. It's a completely idea. Never thought of until 2023. Somebody really should have told Mary Shelley that in 1818, these ideas are not new. The fact that the some of this stuff is coming to fruition shouldn't really be a surprise to anybody. Coming back to the squirrels, they're coming. Why the squirrels humanity is just a virus with shoes to quote the late great Bill Hicks. We're very good at doing lots of things. And as a collective intelligence, the way to work together is phenomenal. But if you're going to plug something onto a device to actually control, physical movement, why would you use our cerebellum use a squirrel? If you've seen this video, 24 million views about backpass squirrels from Mark rover again, the link down here go and have a look at it. If you're going to link a computer up and make use of this thing that's already been developed over billions of years of evolution. Go and just do don't use a squirrel. Why bother with the human? The AI squirrels overlords are coming AI will get together with squirrel, get rid of humanity. Absolute nonsense, probably. Now, I am clearly talking cobblers and I don't agree that we've had enough of experts and experts do better than random number guessing I do remember my father getting most annoyed with my younger brother because he bought a lottery ticket with the numbers 510 1525 30 and 35. Why could do that those numbers aren't going to come up. But of course, they are exactly the same logic logically, likely to come up with any other numbers. However, chess boards are different if you actually set up a chess board and completely random positions. One of the interesting things is that chess grandmasters don't really recognise the pattern and they don't necessarily play much better or much worse than other people until they managed to reorganise the board into a way that they recognise. But actually, if you just recognise the pattern and come through, then a grandmaster does better kind of a bit of a weak analogy may be the same but yes, don't just believe in me for the fact that because squirrel AI overlords are coming do you actually listen to experts but listen to experts not just some random BS or on a YouTube feed telling you and particularly not someone who's just interested in it because I put money against it. Listen to the actual people know what we're talking about. And they just run roll their eyes at these the some of the gibberish that is spoken by legislators. There is something coming with AI obviously, you don't know what it is. But maybe you do. You've been warned. The squirrel AI overlords are coming to get you. Thanks for watching. I'm Alistair, the CIO of grumpy CIO of We are the free investor search engine come to us to optimise your investor outreach. See you soon


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