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We've reached over £0.5bn in planned raises

Our search engine has helped 365 startups with over half a billion (£0.55bn) in total planned raises.

Just since the end of November:

Demand for capital of £445m has been registered with us.

96 of these startups are non-UK

Daniel Sawko 0:00

Hey, good morning.

So, yesterday we surpass the 550 million pound mark in terms of demand for capital of founders telling us that they want to raise.

Why is that really interesting?

Well, about 30% of it is not in the UK, which is very interesting. But actually, most of it is from startups doing completely different things. Like very few startups are looking to do the same type of business. And they're looking to do very long tail technology breakthrough.

So everything from cell scaffolding for meat proteins, right the way through to photonics for medical uses and purposes. This is really interesting. It means that ultimately, this current system of tagging, using things like FinTech or med tech or biotech is broken.

It doesn't actually help startup founders or investors with narrowing the top of their funnel. And that's really important, especially when that time is so valuable. When we're talking about like today's founders and investors, we're probably talking about some of the brightest and best computing power of our generation.

And at the moment, it's being wasted because they've got really noisy tops of the funnel, which means that ultimately they're wasting their time with opportunities that are just never going to convert. That's why we built shipshape. Really looking forward to hearing more from our users.

The feedback's been excellent. We've got some very exciting things coming down the pipes. Thank you


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