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Why investors are responsible for poor founder outreach too.

🪙 There's a double-sided nature of poor outreach.

Yes, founders are ultimately responsible for how they reach out.

But... investors are responsible too.

🔖 Poor Investor information


📤 Poor founder outreach


😭 Poor VC inbox

ℹ Buyer (investor) information is laid out poorly.

🤔This means it's difficult to know (for a founder) how to approach a sale (of equity).

🛒 Leading to fewer sellers (startups) making a good effort.

👍Many VCs take well-researched founders as the sign of a good seller.

🔬 I'd agree. A founder that does their research is generally more backable...

⏳ BUT... It's not exactly easy for all to do this in timescales that make sense vs. other business priorities.

🚫 I'd bet that based on their own website, 99% of VCs would avoid investing in themselves.

👟 I'd also bet they'd spot a distribution model that is ripe for disruption.


💸 Because VC websites don't help market their capital effectively and mainly rely on one distribution channel only....

🤝 their network and the networks of others close to them.


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