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Why should you research investors before you reach out?

📚 Why should you research investors before you reach out?

⛔So you don't end up in the 'ignore' pile!

✅ Showing you've done your research gives you a 7x chance of response.

💁‍♂️ Even if the person isn't quite right, they are much more likely to help you out.

⌚ Save yourself time in the long run by front-loading research now.

🧮 This optimises the top of your funnel.

Daniel Sawko 0:00

So why should you do your research before reaching out to investors? Well, let's consider the flip side once a day. And you send out a generic mail message to just about anyone that you've got an email address or a contact for, well, you automatically go into the category of least likely to respond to, if you do if you do your research, on the other hand, even if it's not necessarily quite the right person, but you've had a very good guest why they might be relevant, you actually can massively increase your chance of that person wanting to help you. Why? Because you've bothered to take the time to show to them why you think that they're relevant. That's part of the reason why we built shipshape is because you can see which investors are talking about topics that are close to you and your business.

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