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Winner of Fintech Startup of the Year 2022!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Ship Shape is the Fintech Startup of the Year 2022!

Ship Shape has been announced as the Fintech Startup of the Year at this year's Startup Awards National Series!

The Startup Awards National Series is an opportunity to recognise startups across the country in multiple categories for the growth and impact they are beginning to or already have on their industry.

"We are delighted to have been recognised for the search engine that the team has built - we've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and the professionals that assist them on their fundraising journey. We're excited for the impact we will have for tens of thousands more, enabling human capital to be better connected with smart financial capital."

- Daniel Sawko, CEO and Co-founder of Ship Shape.

The award recognises the growth and hard work of the Ship Shape team.

"This award is all about recognition from across the entrepreneurial world for the work done by our team. Finding relevant investors and investments a job to be done for us all, and our team have made it the work of seconds. I'm so delighted for everyone that's contributed."

- Alistair Bailie, COO and Co-founder of Ship Shape.

The Startup Awards National Series is spear-headed by Professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE. It is great to see that alongside the geographical growth, more categories are being opened, allowing more companies to be recognised for their hard work and impact in their


"Congratulations to the whole team at ShipShape for winning the best FinTech Startup in Wales! This is a great achievement and validation of all the hard work and the huge potential they have to revolutionise how ideas connect to venture capital. One to watch and use if you’re a founder, VC, family office, investor or PhD looking to commercialise IP."

- Eamon Tuhami, Founder, Hwyl Ventures and Ship Shape lead investor.

Again thank you to the team at the Startup Awards National Series for recognising Ship Shape. It is an honour!

The awards are hosted and presented by The Startup Awards National Series



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