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Referral Credit Terms & Conditions

Last updated 15th of December, 2022

These terms relate to Ship Shape’s  “Referral Credit” Programme (“Programme”). 


The following terms and conditions apply to your use, and Referred User’s use of Ship Shape’s Programme in conjunction with the services provided by Ship Shape Search Limited (Company Number 12762842), (“Ship Shape” or “””). 


You and Referred User agree, by participating in the Programme, that the Programme terms and conditions are in addition to any agreements between Programme participants and Ship Shape including Ship Shape’s Terms of Service and Ship Shape’s Privacy Policy.


Eligible Referral Credit as at today’s date:


£20 per referred user




“Referred user” is a user of Ship Shape’s Search Engine that is from an organisation that has not previously accessed Ship Shape’s Search Engine. They must be eligible for, and create, a account and they must meet signup requirements including providing LinkedIn details.


“Organisation” can be a company, collective, government body, charitable organisation or similar. Users are grouped into organisations by their domain. For example all users with emails of domain and/or with organisation website would be considered part of the same organisation.


Terms and conditions:

1. When you refer a Referred User you will be eligible for credit at the Referral Credit amount. The total value of eligible, and unused, Referral Credit will be tracked and reported to you regularly. Referral Credit will be granted at the time of any eligible future Ship Shape purchase and treated as an automatic invoice discount.

2. Referral Credit can be used towards any eligible future Ship Shape purchase e.g.


  • Any Referral Credit earned from this Programme can be applied to the total original purchase value of leads (excluding tax) to reduce the value of your future lead purchases.

  • Similarly, it can be applied against the cost of advertising with Ship Shape

  • Similarly, it can be applied against billing for Premium Service if applied

3. Ship Shape reserves the right to exclude any customer from being considered to be a New User if they, for example, in the past had a Ship Shape account and was not in good standing with that account as determined in Ship Shape’s sole discretion.

4. Referred User understands that by signing up to use the Ship Shape service directly from a referral, Referred User consents and agrees to the disclosure of having created a Ship Shape account to the person who referred the Referred User through this Programme.

5. Referral Credits from this Programme are one time use only. 

6. You will be eligible for Referral Credits under the Programme only if the Referred User signs up to use the Ship Shape service directly by clicking your unique Programme link. If they don't use your unique link, you will not be eligible for your Referral Credits. If you think you are eligible for a Referral Credit that has not yet been recorded then please contact customer support on so that we can help.

7. If any leads that have been purchased using Referral Credit are returned, the maximum amount you will be refunded is the amount paid for the product, subject to any applicable refund policies.

8. Any eligible Referral Credit is not transferable and not redeemable for cash or any other credit and may not be resold or applied to any previously placed orders.

9. Any eligible Referral Credit may not be used in conjunction with any other Ship Shape promotion.

10. You and the Referred User may be from the same household, provided that the Referred User is not an existing Ship Shape customer.

11. For the avoidance of doubt, you may not refer yourself to also be the Referred User (e.g. by using separate email addresses for the Ship Shape accounts).

12. Ship Shape reserves the right to validate the eligibility of any Referred User with respect to whether they are a New Customer or as otherwise deemed necessary and may determine any Referred User to be ineligible in its sole discretion.

13. Ship Shape reserves the right to modify or cancel the Programme and the Programme terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to you. We will indicate that changes have been made by updating the “Last Updated;” date located above at the beginning of these terms and conditions. If you do not accept any such changes, your sole and exclusive remedy is to cease participation in the Programme. 


14. If you or the Referred User breach any of these Programme terms or Ship Shape’s Terms of Service or Ship Shape privacy policy, you will not be eligible for any Referral Credit under this Programme.

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