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Meet our new co-founder, Alistair Baillie

Updated: Mar 2

Where are you coming from?

I’ve worked in the UK and Buenos Aires, but spent much of my adult life in Sydney. Most recently I’ve been COO of a successful start-up but behind that is over two decades business management experience. First in consulting, then into Project Management, then I made the leap into sales, and that combination allowed me to step up to Director and COO. I have broad experience and I think I’ve made enough mistakes to have learned a thing or two. Always more to learn though!

Tell us more about your experience with working with startups.

I’ve worked on both sides of the fence re: start-ups and funding. Had some eye-opening experiences working in Credit for a major bank through 2009-2010. Later in 2014 I moved back to the UK from Australia and started working in Caplin Systems, an SME in FX. At the time it was FX that was the drawer, not the fact that it was an SME. But I was quickly drawn in to the SME world, and had a front-row view of the transaction as Caplin exited (was sold to ION Capital Management). I enjoyed that and wanted mo