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Investor Search: Cultured Meat Investors

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

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Vegetarian, pescetarian and vegan diets have become the alternative diets driven by lifestyle, understanding of the human body and environmental reasons. But is there another alternative? For those concerned with the environmental impact of farming and mass fishing, lab grown meat or cultured meat is the next step.

First conceptualised in 2000 and a proof of concept showcased in 2013 by frying edible synthetic meat, investors have spotted an opportunity. Lab-grown meat funding and cultured meat investment has totalled $1.2 billion in 2020. Down the chain towards public markets, there is an increasing normalisation of investing in Lab-grown meat ETFs and cultured meat ETFs . 2021’s FAIRR report showed a record level of funding by cultured meat investors.

Below is a list of the top ranking individuals at VC firms that have published content or invest in synthetic meat.

VC Individual: Sean O'Sullivan Firm: SOSV

Location: New York

About Sean O'Sullivan

After Sean O"Sullivan" first startup went public in 1994, he founded SOSV in 1995 as a super angel. In 2007, based off the success of two dozen investments that had done remarkably well, Sean began aggressively expanding SOSV, transitioning it from a personal investment vehicle into an organization which today has over 110 staff supporting investments in over 150 new startups every year. In 2020, SOSV has 8 general partners operating globally, with SOSV‚ major offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, San Francisco, New York, Cork, and Tokyo. Sean got his entrepreneurial start in 1985 as a founder of MapInfo, bringing street mapping technology to personal computers. MapInfo went on to become a $200 million revenue public company with over 1,000 employees worldwide. In 1996, while at the helm of his second company, NetCentric, he created ‚ software for inside the Internet‚ and is credited with co-creating the term cloud computing‚ alongside George Favaloro from Compaq. Sean continued as an entrepreneur and investor, creating and supporting a range of business, humanitarian and educational endeavors. A major promoter of economic and social development, he founded JumpStart International in 2003. JumpStart was a leading humanitarian engineering organization based in Baghdad and which operated throughout Iraq during the post-war period of 2003-2006. He spent a few years running JumpStart, which for a time had a staff of over 3000, running up to 80 projects at a time in Baghdad, Fallujah, and Najaf. As benefactor of the O'Sullivan Foundation, Sean has also been a primary funder of organizations such as the Khan Academy, Mathletes and CoderDojo. As the founding Chairman of the Irish Entrepreneurship Forum and founder of Open Ireland, he was a leader and influencer of Irish government policy in fueling economic growth and recovery in the technology sector. Sean was a regular investment panelist on the popular TV show Dragon Den, and an occasional columnist for Ireland Sunday Business Post. Sean holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Masters of Fine Arts in Film Production from the University of Southern California.

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cultured meat

Cultured meat, meat without the animal, is already a reality...

cultivated meat

...ream of the most advanced production facility for cultivated meat. Cellular agriculture taking a big step forward


VC Individual: Kamran Adle Firm: Octopus Ventures

Location: London

About Kamran Adle

Kamran focuses on deal sourcing, assessing investment opportunities and transacting on early stage investments focusing on all Future of Health opportunities. Prior to joining the team in 2018, he founded a start-up incubator in Tehran following five years at J.P. Morgan. get excited by the idea of searching for and backing companies that seek to positively impact millions, if not billions, of people around the world, as they redefine the Future of Health Kamran holds a degree in Geography from the University of Oxford. He is an avid sportsman who enjoys playing football, tennis, golf, ping pong and competitive games of backgammon.

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drug discovery

..excited to start seeing the winners emerge in the cultured meat space, we’re equally excited about all the other...

VC Individual: Nathan Benaich Firm: Air Street Capital

Location: London

About Nathan Benaich

Nathan is the Founder and General Partner of Air Street Capital, a venture capital firm investing in AI-first technology and life science companies. He also founded The Research and Applied AI Summit, a community for entrepreneurs and researchers in AI, and served as Managing Trustee of The RAAIS Foundation, a UK-registered charity with a mission to advance education and research in artificial intelligence for the common good.

Nathan earned an M.Phil and Ph.D. in computational and experimental cancer research as a Gates and Dr. Herchel Smith Scholar at the University of Cambridge, and a BA in biology from Williams College. He has published research that leverages both experimental and computational approaches to understand how we might stem the fatal spread of cancer around the body.

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sustainable cultured meat

ur mission of bringing delicious and sustainable cultured meat to the world!


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