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Investors don't like generic outreach

🍸 I’ve been at a number of industry events in recent weeks. One topic keeps being complained about by investors. That’s generic outreach from startups.

So, what is generic outreach?

🎲 It’s a speculative message that is not tailored to the recipient.

Why does it happen?


📩 Same as with those pesky emails clogging your inbox.

🤔If you have it, others want to help you get rid of it.

Some are better than others at doing this.

⏳A lack of time - there seems not to be enough of it.

I’ve also been guilty of generic outreach before (in the startup I worked at before

Sidenote: Spray and pray is a mental trap...

Not spending time researching and just messaging is actually a much less efficient way to spend time.

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