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Ship Shape completes Fintech Wales Foundry Accelerator Programme

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

“The Foundry was created with great ideas and teams like Ship Shape in mind and I’m delighted that we could help accelerate them in every sense of the word. Our cohort are all fantastically talented and have mature propositions that are both innovative and well executed, they just needed the access and the opportunity that comes with throwing the weight of an entire ecosystem behind them for 12 weeks”

- Johnny Mayo - Fintech Wales Foundry General Manager

The program was built around three core themes: Access, Investment and Opportunity. These themes drove the program and we have seen tremendous growth in all areas. Firstly, our access to customers enabled us to grow our commercial pipeline substantially. Secondly, we have been able to secure investment through the support and recognition (we now joke that we should have built an Angel search engine first!).

Finally, the Foundry has enabled us to realise the scale of the opportunity in front of us and be brave enough to take the steps needed to unlock it. We have grown our team and our technical capabilities, leading us to accelerate our timelines.

Each week, the Foundry organised workshops with partners and supporting businesses that aimed to expand our knowledge in all areas of business; from growing and setting expectations to managing and presenting to clients.

"Being part of the Fintech Wales Foundry has enabled us to forge a new path for our business and enabled us to be recognised as Fintech Start-up of the Year. Our trajectory has been elevated, we've secured investment, we're approaching £1m in commercial pipeline. We've been unshackled from numerous inhibiting factors. We've leveraged the brilliant networks and we've taken inspiration from some of the most influential technology business leaders, such as Louise O'Shea, CEO of"

- Daniel Sawko - CEO and Co-founder of Ship Shape

Winner of the Fintech Awards Wales Start-up of the Year 2021

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