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An Investor search: Battery Development Investors

Below are the results from our venture capital search engine for top matched VC "Battery Development" investors.

Battery development and technology is becoming a popular space in Venture Capital (VC). Funding and investment in the area is extremely competitive. This is especially the case with the increased demand for Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the past decade, accelerated by the pandemic. As a natural response, there is an increased incentive to manufacture more solid-state batteries or solid power batteries.

Battery development investors and battery manufacturing investors are seeing a great opportunity to provide funding with the potential for a substantial return. As a startup or a VC, battery development is not an opportunity to be missed.

Below are examples of evidence from our Search Engine that will enhance your search for Venture Capital where there is content focused on: battery development

VC Individual: Laura Marsh Firm: Natrium Capital Location: London

About Laura Marsh

Laura Marsh is an Assistant Director at Natrium Capital. She is a specialist chemical industry mergers and acquisitions advisor with considerable experience of supporting company management teams throughout the whole deal process. Laura has worked on acquisitions and disposals for both strategic and private equity clients, including complex cross-border transactions. Her particular expertise is in managing the intricate details of successful carve-outs. Laura has a First Class (Hons) MSci in Chemistry from University College London. Her thesis explored a computational method of modelling the production of methanol from syngas for use in industry. Laura is an Associate of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.

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Sustainable battery technology

​We look at some of the new developments and main challenges in sustainable battery technology in our latest thought piece – “Sustainable Batteries – New legislation....

lithium battery market

Natrium Capital Limited has taken a closer look at the lithium battery market.....


VC Individual: Patrick Molyneux Firm: Acceleris Capital Location: Manchester

About Patrick Molyneux

Building a successful enterprise is hard, especially when your concept is novel, untested and requires patient, risk-tolerent investors to succeed. Since joining Acceleris Capital 6 years ago, I have been working with a wide range of innovative companies at the forefront of their respective fields and relish assisting these companies on that journey. I was lucky to begin my career as an early member of a high-growth technology startup in the north-west of England. That company went on to achieve significant growth and eventual PE sale and experiencing this journey first-hand was the most beneficial business school possible. My background in software development and tech was complimented with extensive corporate finance training, resulting in me now being a chartered MCSI and a holder of the CFQ diploma. At Acceleris, I focus on working with early-stage companies on their funding strategy, communication to the market and their commercial strategy. My background enables me to provide advice and support on technology UX/UI, route to market and sales. I believe that the UK Venture Capital Industry needs to collaborate and work as one team to realise the significant scale-up companies we all crave. As part of this belief, I am honoured to sit on the membership and events committee of the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association and also to be a delegate with the Mayor of the City of London's outreach program and the Department of International Trade. Looking forward, I would like to see the UK venture capital industry open their doors to significant cheque sizes for innovative technology companies that have evidenced a large commercial market. UK founders are spending too much time fundraising and receiving insufficient or inappropriate funding in return.

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battery technology

Delighted to announce our latest completion for a very exciting client in battery technology


VC Individual: Dr Mark Payton Firm: Mercia Asset Management Location: Henley

About Patrick Molyneux

Mark has extensive private investment and scale-up experience. Since co-founding Mercia he has led the sales of Hybrid Systems (to Myotec) to create PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd, Warwick Effect Polymers Ltd (to Polytherics Ltd) to create Abzena plc and led the founding investment in Allinea Software Ltd (sold to ARM). Prior to Mercia, Mark played a leading role within Oxford University Innovation (“OUI”, the technology transfer operation of the University of Oxford), spinning out BioAnalab (sold to Millipore), Oxford Immunotec (listed on NASDAQ), Oxitec (sold to Intrexon) and Natural Motion (sold to Zynga). Following his time at OUI Mark was the vice president corporate development at Oxxon Therapeutics Inc, prior to its sale to Oxford BioMedica plc. He gained his PhD jointly between the University of Oxford and the University of London (King’s College). Mark also has an MBA from the University of Warwick, is a Sainsbury Management Fellow for Life Sciences and was awarded the 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year(regional and national). In addition to this CEO role Mark is also responsible for the following investments – OXGENE, Psioxus and Medherant.

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Battery Innovation

Faradion announces a new partnership with Infraprime Logistics Technologies (IPLTech) for its high energy sodium-ion batteries for use in commercial vehicles in the Indian market.Read the full press release here: GJames Quinn Ashwin Kumaraswamy Chris Wright Ruth Sayers Infraprime Logistics Technologies Pvt Ltd Siddhartha Das Jerry Barker Subodh Yadav, Consortium for Battery Innovation,


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