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New release... spotlights 🔦 - 08/02/2023

⚡New feature release... spotlights 🔦


We had some feedback:

🗺️navigating took too many clicks

💁‍♂️there was room to bring out more data in a simpler form

👥 seeing relationships between people and entities should be easier

Daniel Sawko 0:00

Hello, good morning, I want to show you a very quick feature update that we just released.

So what's the feature update?

Well, we have feedback that actually some of the interface isn't necessarily that is navigate, you've got to click through certain items in order to navigate to people that you want to go and find or companies that you think are interesting.

So the way that this works is, if you type in a search phrase, I'm just gonna use something that from my history, you can see again, like like for you to see the individuals who that publication.

So looking at automotive cybersecurity rescue. But we've released a new feature, of course, spotlights, and spotlight sits sits here, it's essentially showing you very, very quickly, the related entities the search engine has picked up. So we can see here with cycle Angel temper cap are the related investment entity that have invested in them. And if I click through on tempo cap, I can actually see that they've invested in silo Angel.

And actually, the person that's most relevant to that search phrase from the team at tempo cap is Yeah. So I can also do that here. So I can look through it as a Cylon.

And I can see that they've got two entities that are related to that search phrase, or most related. And I can also see that they've got two of the team there who are speaking about relevant topics that are close to what I've searched for.

So yeah, the spotlight section should help navigation within the search engine, and just make it really easy to see who's relevant, essentially, very, very quickly. And you can also then click through and say,

Okay, well, if I know that Cylon are relevant, I want to shortlist them. Because I can see here, these these people and these companies that they've invested in are definitely close to what it is that we're looking for. So yeah, that's that's the new update. Hope you like it. Feedback. Very welcome. Cheers.

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