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New release - UI improvements 30/01/2023

🐣Delighted to present our latest release!

👐Showing off a snazzy new UI

🔍And the ability to shortlist pieces of evidence.

🗒️Helping founders build short lists of relevant investors to reach out to.

💤 Not long lists where you don't know who gives a damn!

Thoughts welcome! What should we build next?

Daniel Sawko 0:02

I would like to share with you the latest update and release search. So what's changed? Well, firstly a snazzy new sort of background design. We're really pleased actually, this feedback and just like the, the old gray sort of dark design is it's a little bit too much progress, right? We like the theme, but ultimately want to see a bit more interesting. So yeah, we've added in some funky new designs in the background. We have also released shortlist functionality. What's that mean? Well, getting search. And what you can stop doing is if you see things that are related to the search phrase that I find interesting. So let's take there's a tweet here that looks interesting. I might want to shortlist that. Likewise, amongst the portfolio companies that Id group of investors pick through and Bramble energy, shortlist them already. And I might work let's say ITM power interesting. shortlist them as well. And what that means is, we've actually got a little shortlist here on the left hand panel, and I can build a shortlist of investors that are relevant to me in my business, and also portfolio companies and investment entities. So that's really helpful because it means that I can see my progress and additional searches as new information comes to light that helps me with what I'm doing my fundraising to start with, you can't export to CSV. We are planning to release that in the coming months. But yeah, I just wanted to sort of let you know what we've been doing, and answering a few of the questions and requests that we've had from from a good number of our users over the past couple months. Thanks very much.

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