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Support portfolio
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Empower your founders.
Add value to the portfolio.

How Ship Shape can help you

Increased Deal Flow

Get found by start-ups through your published content. From Tweets to Medium articles - your words matter

Indexing feedback loop
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Minimum effort, maximum reward

1. Enter your email (used to confirm published content)


2. Ship Shape will locate your online published content 


3. Ship Shape will confirm we have located all platforms that you publish content


4. Ship Shape will index your published content and add you to our search engine


5. Expect increased deal flow through entrepreneurs,  startups,  government agencies and even other VCs

Index Request
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Identify VC investors relevant to your portfolio companies

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Empower portfolio companies with self-serve access

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Leverage your network and be connected to the right people

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Support your portfolio

  • Find the value-add investors for your portfolio company’s next raise

  • Leverage your firm’s network to make warm introductions for portfolio companies


  • Speed up business execution and return the fund through faster raises

Ship Shape Background
Adam-Baron, Associate Director M&A Growth Advisory, BDO

Ship Shape are building a unique AI-powered search engine that answers a genuine need that no one else is solving

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Associate Director M&A Growth Advisory, BDO

Adam Baron

Increase your value add

Ship Shape helps you find the right VC investor in seconds, not months
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